Do You Even Understand Logic?

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Today, my afternoon consists of sitting in an office with nothing to do, because our deadline was yesterday due to the long weekend, therefore Friday is kind of a write-off. And what do I do in with this spare time? Well I’m glad you asked – I’m a little masochistic in some of my internet browsing choices, so obviously I click over to Buzzfeed and sit down to enjoy myself some strange, misguided thoughts by women who are apparently embarrassed to be women. Let’s break some of these down, shall we?:

Oh, I don’t know, maybe because preference is a thing? And it’s allowed? If you don’t want to to shave, okay, cool – don’t. No one is telling you that you have to. But before you go and challenge someone on their own personal turn offs, you better make damn sure that you’ve never rejected someone because they have acne or because they pee in the shower. You have absolutely no right to dismiss anyone for what they think is attractive, just because it makes you uncomfortable. I’m 100% positive that you have the same kind of preferences up there in your entitled head.

Do you want to know when I stopped being embarrassed to buy tampons? When I was about fourteen and realized that exactly 0% of the other people in Walmart cared if I had my period. If you’re embarrassed because of something that your own body is supposed to do, this might be about your own insecurities rather than the judgmental and mocking looks you’re imagining from the grown adults in the pharmacy section. No one cares that you need tampons except you. So put on your big girl panties (but not the nice ones, because …well, you know) and go get some tampons. Is my use of the word tampon making you uncomfortable? I hope it is because I think maybe you need to grow the f*ck up.

First off, I can’t even articulate how incredibly disrespectful it is to assume that the man you’re with will actually get upset with you for saying no to sex (assuming you have a healthy sex life in the first place). If you’re with that kind of man, maybe you should respect yourself enough to walk away. Or if you’re often saying no because you don’t want to have sex with him anymore, respect the both of you enough to walk away.

If you’re asking ‘yeah Stephanie, what IS wrong with other girls?’, please start at the beginning of this post.


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