On Home, Love and Valentines

Home is not a place nor a thing; home is with the person who holds your heart, no matter what.  – Sheena Duquette-Oum

When this quote surfaced on my Twitter feed a few weeks ago, I nodded and smiled, thinking it was sweet. With Valentines Day 2015 behind us, I think now I fully understand what she meant.

February 14, 2015 was the fifth Valentine’s Day I have spent with the same person. In past years we’ve done all the usual things – formal dinners, seeing sappy movies in theaters full of awkward teenage couples and middle age married people who would so much rather be home, eating our body weight in chocolates, and exchanging cheesy gifts. However, this one was fairly unique for us. We didn’t go on an exciting date, or spend the day doing cute, romantic things. We spent it in bed – and not in a fun way. Adrian finished moving out of his old apartment and hurt his back, and I fell victim to the worst migraine I’ve ever had. A good majority of our day was spent taking Advil and trying to stay as perfectly still as possible. Some highlights include rubbing Icy Hot on each other and communicating in various groans and squeaks.

But you know what? It ranks pretty high on my list of favourite Valentine’s Days I’ve had. We spent our day together caring for each other, putting our concern for the other ahead of what was ailing us individually and laughing at how pathetic our day was. We were exactly what the other needed in those crappy moments, and we were able to have fun with each other, despite feeling like we were one too-quick hand gesture away from certain death.

Home is where you feel most safe. Home is where you are happiest. Home is where your heart is, no matter what. My home is 5’10 with a goofy smile.

Photo 2015-02-15, 1 24 18 AM


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