Look Ma, I Cooked! | pt 2

(Note: I’m debating calling all of my cooking/recipe related posts a series, and naming it “Look Ma, I Cooked!”, a) because I think it’s a cute title and b) because it really is that shocking. Who knows! We’ll see!) A few days ago, I was craving wonton soup like none other. Only problem? I live in a small town, where my restaurant options consist of chain burgers-n-fries type places, or menus full of traditional Mennonite dishes. There’s not a lot of diversity here, so as someone who just loves food, you can imagine where I have issues. Asian dishes in particular have been a longtime favourite of mine. I mean really, there is no better pick-me-up than a big ol’ plate of chicken lo mein and egg rolls, amIrite? I’m right.

Anyway, back to this wonton soup craving. While there are a couple decent Chinese places in my area, they’re pretty lacking in the soup department. I mean, I know everyone loves a good consomme, but there’s so many more options! The nearest restaurant that would serve a good wonton soup was an hour and a half drive – Maybe I didn’t want it quite that badly. So I said “@!$% it, I’ll make my own!”

Photo 2015-04-05, 5 55 48 PM

This was the result, and this photo is making me drool. It was so delicious, and because it’s Friday and I’m a nice person, I’m going to go ahead and share the recipe as best as I can remember it. You’ll have to forgive me if it’s a little vague – between my Mennonite upbringing where recipes had measurements like “a little bit” or “some”, and my chef boyfriend who just tells me to add “enough” to a recipe, I’ve adopted the same style of cooking. It’s actually very annoying, but here goes!

What You Need:
1/2 an onion
4 large carrots
3-4 celery stocks
Soup broth
Wonton wrappers
Filling (I like chicken, but  you can also use pork, beef, veggies, etc)
Hoisin sauce
White pepper (or cracked black pepper)

What You Do:
Saute 1/2 an onion, 4 large carrots (shredded), and 3-4 chopped celery sticks in vegetable oil.
Slowly add soup broth – add an amount that looks good to you (I told you it would get vague). We did a chicken broth, since we were filling our wontons with chicken. My favourite is the boxed stuff from Superstore, but you do you.
Once your soup is underway, turn your attention to the wontons. We used some leftover roast chicken and diced it, then mixed it up with some Hoisin sauce, salt and pepper.
Put about a tablespoon of your filling mixture in the center of your wonton wrappers.
Fold the wrappers in half, from corner to corner so that they formed a little triangular pocket.
Using water, seal the corners and edges of the wonton shells so that they don’t pop open while cooking.
While your soup is still simmering, slowly add the full wontons into the pot. Once they’re floating on top, you’re good to go! (Side note: I recommend only putting in as many wontons as you want to eat at the moment. Once they’ve sat in the soup for a while, they get slimy and hard to pick up with your spoon.)

Oh my, I feel like Martha Stewart or Paula Deen – minus the racism though. So maybe I feel like Rachael Ray? I’m not mean enough to be Gordon Ramsay… I don’t know, who are some famous cooks? Either way, if you’re like me and love soup, Chinese food or just… food in general, give it a try. Let me know how it goes.

Have a lovely weekend!


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