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Just like everyone else, I love podcasts. I listen to them all the time – at work, while cleaning up, doing dishes, going for drives… any time there’s an opportunity. I wanted to share my top 5 but after going through them, I couldn’t nail it down to five. So here are my top picks, however many there may be. Hopefully you find something new to listen to!

I mean, obviously. Two comediennes talking about murder? Heck yes. I’ve been obsessed with true crime since age 12 and I love that it’s cool to talk about it now. Listening to Karen and Georgia talk about these awful murders that have haunted the world for years, while using laughter and comedy to work through the horror has truly been such a therapeutic thing for me.

The hosts of this podcast are three smart and sassy ladies stumbling their way through womanhood – and it’s awesome. I love Becca’s no-bullshit attitude, Jac’s dry sense of humour, and Keltie’s often cheesy but also inspiring mirror messages. They definitely don’t stick to a pre-approved script in the Ladygang office, and it’s way more entertaining that way. This podcast really does feel like three friends who are just hanging out, and it’s so fun to listen to.

This was the first podcast I started listening to like 6 years ago, and I still look forward to the new episode every week. This podcast is hosted by the folks at Rooster Teeth, an online entertainment production company (as a side note – if you’ve never heard of them, I highly recommend spending some time on their website). They are hilarious and put a comedic spin on everything from current events to movies, video games, pop culture and of course, Gus’s horrible experiences with the US Postal Service.

If you’re a hockey fan, you have to listen to Spittin’ Chiclets. It’s hosted by 2 former NHLers Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette, along with Barstool Sports writer and lifelong Boston Bruins fan Rear Admiral. These guys lay it all down, no bullshit. They give their thoughts on the current state of the NHL, speak on what’s going on with individual teams, and provided the best no-fucks-given interviews with current and former NHLers. I am so happy they started doing 2 episodes a week during hockey season, it’s such a refreshing take after being bombarded with mainstream hockey media all week.

Another Rooster Teeth production, and this one is for the women. Hosted by Barbara Dunkelman, Mariel Salcedo and friends, their advice on love, life and everything in between comes from a place of experience and reality. Their sex-positive views and open mindedness is so revitalizing and lovely to listen to, and I’m so thankful to these women for doing their best to make the world a better place.

Remember how I said I couldn’t nail it down to 5? The above are my top 5, but there’s still more I want to talk about! The Basement Yard is hosted by Joe Santagato – hilarious YouTuber – and his friends. It’s like listening to your goofy best buddies riff off of each other for an hour, and I usually have to hit pause several times because I’m laughing too hard to keep listening. Dark Poutine is another true crime podcast that I’ve been loving, but they focus on Canadian crime. As a Canadian, obviously I have a special interest in this. Speaking of true crime, The First Degree is also great – it’s hosted by Jac Vanek of The Ladygang, as well as Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen, and they cover cases while interviewing who is one degree away from the crime itself, someone who knew the murderer or the victim. It’s a really cool perspective on the whole true crime genre.  The Valleycast is a podcast hosted by what I firmly believe is the funniest group of people in the entire world – Lee Newton, Steve Zaragoza, Elliott Morgan and Joe Bereta. I have no description for this one – just trust me on this and go listen. Race Chaser is a RuPaul’s Drag Race recap show hosted by 2 of my favourite queens ever, Willam and Alaska. Other People’s Lives is another one hosted by Joe Santagato along with Greg Dybec. They anonymously interview people who live a little bit differently – like people with uncommon fetishes or professional ghost hunters. This one is actually super interesting and probably should have been in my top 5…

No, too late now, I can’t change it. I’ve been thinking about this for a week and I’m going to stop before I end up naming every show on my Overcast list! Do you listen to any of these podcast? What are your favourites? Any recommendations for me? I’m always up for a new podcast!


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